Connecting with Families in Need

What started as a seasonal agency called The Christmas Connection now serves the community throughout the year. Our facility is stocked with clothing, household items and basic necessities, laid out like a department store where visitors can “shop” year-round. Most of the goods are donated, the store is primarily staffed and stocked by volunteers, and all clients are referred by one of our partner agencies.

Ways To Give

Your contributions are vital to continuing the mission, whether you’re donating money, items or time as a volunteer.

Branches of Sharing Tree

Sharing Tree is a metro-area nonprofit, formerly known as The Christmas Connection, that serves families in need by providing a dignified shopping experience at no cost. We connect with families in need in four ways.

  • Christmas Connection

    For better Christmas mornings.

  • Classroom Connection

    To provide school uniforms.

  • Crisis Connection

    To help people rebuild.

  • Community Connection

    For families in need.